Sprinkles Mug with a soft teal two tone effect. A new, one of a kind shape for Studio LP, this one is a favourite of mine.


Thrown on a potters wheel in stoneware clay, then glazed by hand and real gold accents added. This mug goes through three firings in a kiln, each taking 20 or so hours. Sprinkles are each painted by hand, as are the gold lustre sprinkles. Each mug is unique and individual. Since these are handmade, slight glaze flaws can occur, but I hope you enjoy these perfect imperfections as a sign of their handmade nature.


Handwashing will prolong the lustre and take better care of the mug.


NOT microwave safe due to the lustre.



Holds 300ml


Teal Two Tone Sprinkles Mug


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    2020 Copyright Lianne Peel | Photography credits: Peel Photography & Emma Mitchell