Visit my home studio in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire for a one person throwing lesson to make a mug. This is suitable for complete beginners to the wheel with no or limited prior experience. 


-Fee includes one person on the wheel, and a mug and other form fired and glazed.


-The lesson is approximately 1.5-2 hours long. You'll start by pulling handles for your mugs with my guidance. We will then move to the wheel, where I will throw a mug body, explaining each step. Each of you will then have a go, with my assistance. We will keep going until you get a mug shape!


-After the lesson, once the clay has firmed up, I'll attach your handles and trim a foot ring into your mug, stamped with your initials. It will then go into the first firing. When it comes out, I'll glaze it in the colour you chose, the fire again. The process usually takes about 4 weeks. When it is ready, you can come and collect from the studio or it can be posted for an additional charge.


-Lessons can be arranged via email ( Weekdays, evenings and some weekends are available. 


-If you'd like to buy the experience as a gift for someone, gift cards are available by request.

Throwing Experience for ONE


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