Did you know this type of candlestick holder, with a handle for carrying, is called a chamberstick? Meant to be carried from your chamber in the night apparently! While we don't need them nowadays, they still look rather nice on a sideboard or shelf. These ones are glazed in a matte oatmeal glaze, with little white crystals in some thicker parts. They come with a 20cm mini taper beeswax candle, but they will fit a candle up to 2.5cm. 


If it isn't snug enough, simply place the chamberstick in the oven on 100 degrees for 5 minutes, take out with oven gloves and put your candle in. The warmth of the ceramic melts the candle base into place. If you candle is too big, just shave off some wax with a sharp knife. 


Two styles to choose from, a standard handle or a scroll handle (admittedly a little harder to carry that one, more for show!).


Dimensions excluding handles:

Height: 5cm

Width: 11.5cm

Chamberstick (Candlestick holders)


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