Wax burner glazed in my Botanical Glaze, this one got a bit drippy in the kiln and was the only to survive, so a true one of a kind. The green glossy glaze reminds me of moss, as it has little copper crystals in it, but when it combines with the stoney matte white it turns a bluey teal. Each side looks a little different! 


This listing is for one wax burner.


Your wax burner will come with the base, for the tealight and a hat where you put the wax or you can fill with water and drop in some essential oils. Please be careful when touching the hat and the base if you've had a candle burning as it gets VERY hot (it has to melt the wax afterall!). You must wait for it to cool after blowing out the candle to move. 


Your order of this wax burner will come with a few samples of White Bloom and Co's delicious handmade waxes in Lemon and Ginger and Cassis, but any brand of wax will burn in these just fine. If you're looking to use oils instead of wax, I can recommend S|W Botanicals who I have worked with in the past as well.



Botanical Wax Burner



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