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Well, this is a blog then?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

So I'm doing it, I'm creating a blog...

I thought my first post might be to tell you a bit about my journey into pottery.

It started with a TV show. You may have heard of it, The Great Pottery Throwdown. I've always loved art and used many different mediums in the past, my favourites being watercolour, but the thought of art that was also functional, was a something I wanted to explore more of. So I set about to find a course, and luckily enough, I wasn't the only one addicted to this new show as our local college has put on an 8 week evening course called 'The Peterborough Throw Down'. I signed up with two friends from work in January 2016.

Instantly, I was captivated by the wheel. I loved it. Then the glazing, I was mesmerized by ideas of flowing greens and blues. My first... vessel shall we call it... still sits on my pottery shelf in my studio. I still love it as much as the day I picked it up from the kiln rooms, despite it's heavy base, bubbly glaze and some severe dripping (good thing someone put it on a stilt in the kiln or I'd have been grinding some shelves...).

My very first piece thrown and glazed. I still have it on my studio shelves!

Addicted. It was all I thought about. Four weeks into the course, I bought a wheel on ebay. We didn't have any room for it, so it stood in our entryway hallway for a while, I'd throw pots next to the front door. We lived in a renovation/project house at the time. Bare floor boards, unpainted walls, ripped up bathrooms... it didn't even have a kitchen when we moved in. So the clay that got splashed up the walls and on the floor wasn't a huge issue (although Kev did give me 'the look' one day after we moved it into the lounge and I splashed clay onto the TV). Looking back I'm not sure what he was thinking, letting me bring a behemoth, ancient, loud, rattling, and very very messy wheel into our front room. I guess it shows I've found a good one, who has also let me indulge on my slightly impractical ideas.

Anyway, that didn't last long, as we soon had to finish the floors and sell the house, so the wheel was derogated to the shed. And then piled on top of with tools. About six months later, we sold the house and started the hunt for a house with enough outdoor space for a pottery shed (among other things, mostly we wanted this house to not have to raise a paintbrush, let alone any other tools, the renovation had gone on for long enough!). So we found a house, with a two storey garage, perfect. Then Kev surprised me and agreed to buy me a kiln, they are expensive, but Kev had been investing some money into other business for a little bit now and we agreed why not invest in the future of our own business. So we had a kiln and I had a studio set up in what was essentially the loft of our garage. It was February, and very cold. It didn't last long in the garage before we moved it into the house, rearranging our sitting room and dining room to convert the dining room into a home studio. Warmth AND plumbing.

It was now May 2017, and having a studio inside meant I started making a lot more. Ceramics is a game of timing, when the clay pot you've thrown is just dry enough to trim, or checking to make sure they aren't drying too quickly and crack. The more I made, the more positive feedback I got from friends. So with Kev's help and encouragement, we set up a proper business and I set up an Etsy UK shop.

And from there I've done a couple shows, sold a few things on Etsy and had lovely feedback, from England, the States and even Singapore! I've now taken the plunge and decided to rebrand and set up my own website so I could tell you all a bit more about me and my art. I do hope you like it and would love to hear from you. If you want to be kept in the loop on new blog posts and shop updates, please join my newsletter.

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