To risk coming across twee, I've loved clay since I first touched it. It is a magical thing in that when I see people pick it up, make their first pinch pot, I immediately see their shoulders soften, their day to day tasks disappear and all that matters is making a little bud vase with the perfect finger dimples and proportions. And the best thing about clay, if it isn't just as you'd like it, you smash it into a ball and start again. No harm done. It really is some sort of therapy.

I'm so pleased to be opening my studio (and in some cases packing it up for the road) to give you the chance to play with clay. I offer a few different types of courses:

-Studio Sessions: three week sessions where you make, refine and glaze your pieces in my studio

-Clay Workshops: one day courses, a taster session to clay. You make, I then glaze for you and send off in a few weeks

-Throwing Experiences: these are on the wheel sessions in my studio

Find me on instagram: @studioLPceramics 

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