making modern ceramics in our Cambridgeshire cottage

All of Studio LP Ceramics work is designed and made in my Cambridgeshire home studio (well, dining room turned studio thanks to a super supportive husband). I make most of my work on the wheel, but when my wheel unexpectedly broke last Summer and had to go off for repairs, I started my jewellery holders collection which are all hand built and shaped. 

I like to think my aesthetic is elegant but playful, bright and pretty, with a bit of whimsy and a lot of sparkle (that's the gold lustre!).

I am inspired by many things, but two main ones stand out and both are quite, well domestic really... baking and flowers! I love being in the kitchen, it truly is the heart of a home. I make a lot of fresh bread and love cake making and decorating. Which was where the Sprinkles range came from, some call it ice cream sprinkles, others hundreds and thousands on fluffy icing!

A second direction I've started to focus on, is how much I adore blooms, petals, florals, botanicals... and I love having them in the house. I've started a range of pots inspired by our cottage garden and my growing houseplant collection.

Find me on instagram: @studioLPceramics 

2019 Copyright Lianne Peel | Photography credits: Peel Photography